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Simon Pollack

Head of Scientific Computing

Robotics, bioinformatics and automation are incredible tools for solving complex lab problems, it’s exciting to work in such an innovative area.

Simon brings a passion and expertise for laboratory automation, robotics and computing to his new role as Head of Scientific Computing at OXGENE. Prior to joining OXGENE, Simon attained a MSc in Biotechnology from The University of Leeds before starting his laboratory automation career at the CRO Cyprotex, where he co-managed two high-throughput assays. After joining OXGENE in 2017, tasked with establishing further automated liquid handler support in the molecular biology team and the automated CRISPR KO platform, Simon gradually progressed to the position of Group Leader of Automation.

As Head of Scientific Computing, Simon is now responsible for OXGENE’s Automation, Bioinformatics, and IT teams - and for the computing infrastructure fundamental to their operations. During his time with OXGENE, Simon has witnessed and has been integral to the company’s evolving use of robotics and automation to solve complex laboratory problems. As part of his role, Simon enjoys being exposed to a wide range of teams and applications, and greatly appreciates how the sharing of diverse skills can accelerate new technological advancements.

When he’s not developing automated solutions at OXGENE, Simon can be found working on home automation, 3D printing, and ‘tinkering’ in the shed.