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Weimin Valenti

General Manager

The “can-do” attitude leads to excellence, and the inquisitive mind leads to innovation. I see both happening at OXGENE.

Weimin Valenti was appointed as General Manager at OXGENE in 2023. She most recently served as the Global head of Strategic Alliances and Licensing at OXGENE’s parent company - WuXi Advanced Therapies, where she was one of the main drivers of the acquisition of OXGENE and forces for the integrations, also heralded the company’s expansion efforts in Singapore. As the GM, she strives to implement business strategies and lead operations by inspiring and empowering her teammates and being inspired by the “can-do” attitude of the teams.


She earned her PhD degree in biology in Berlin, Germany, and an MBA in corporate finance and entrepreneurship in NY, USA. 


During her free time, Weimin reads many books on business and management, cooks healthy meals for family and friends, kayaks in the finger lake, and walks her Goldendoodle. While living in Oxford, she braved driving on the left side of the road and embracing the roundabouts.