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Ryan Cawood

Chief Scientific Officer, OXGENE and WuXi ATU

Creative and outside the box thinking is what makes OXGENE's science so exciting.

Ryan founded Oxford Genetics (trading as OXGENE) in 2011, after earning a degree in genetics and a PhD in gene therapy from Oxford University. The idea behind the company was to simplify and standardise the process of DNA engineering using a proprietary DNA plasmid platform called SnapFast™. Ryan used his background in virology to guide and grow the business through a series of strategic changes that deployed the SnapFast™ technology for cell and gene therapy discovery and manufacturing applications. He has over 20 peer reviewed papers and is the inventor on more than 100 international patent applications. In 2021, Ryan led the sale of the OXGENE to WuXi Advanced Therapies. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer for WuXi Advanced Therapies and OXGENE.

Ryan finds inspiration in the longevity of science, with the potential for novel innovations to change the future of medicine and to deeply advance human health. At OXGENE, he values the enthusiasm of his scientific colleagues and the everyday excitement felt in response to encouraging results.

Outside of OXGENE, Ryan is a passionate explorer of the outdoors and particularly enjoys aquatic pursuits – on weekends he can be found surfing, swimming, snorkelling and sailing, and he has so far swam with 10 different shark species. He also enjoys baking cakes, DIY, working on his car, and ‘taking things apart and rebuilding them’.