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Our optimised third generation Lenti viral vector plasmids and GMP banked clonal suspension HEK293 cell line give an enhanced safety profile and increased lentiviral yield for flexible, high titre lentiviral production.

"Switching to OXGENE's Lenti viral vector plasmids gave an instant 10-fold improvement in lentiviral yield"

Dr Yiyu Dong, Associate Director, Process Development. WuXi Advanced Therapies

Transient Lentiviral Production Systems

OXGENE's Lenti viral vector 3rd generation, self-inactivating (SIN) lentivirus packaging plasmids are optimised for increased translation efficiency, and have low homology between expression cassettes for an improved safety profile.

The Lenti viral vector plasmid system outperforms other commercially available equivalents, including in our GMP banked, serum-free, clonal suspension HEK293 cell line. We can customise this system to optimise expression of any gene of interest, before process development and manufacture of your lentiviral vectors at any grade or scale. 

Joining forces with OXGENE for cell therapy development allows you to establish and optimise transient production, before transitioning to our stable packaging and producer cell lines for large scale clinical or commercial manufacture. This provides the additional regulatory advantage of using the same genetic system throughout clinical development.


Lenti viral vector plasmids give consistently high yields in suspension cells

OXGENE’s proprietary lentiviral system results in consistently high yields in suspension GMP-banked HEK293 cells.


Lentiviral & Plasmid Libraries

We can provide plasmid and lentiviral libraries, tailored to your requirements, for CRISPR screens or to test optimal lentiviral vector configurations prior to scale up for pre-clinical studies.

We have rigorously optimised processes for lentiviral manufacture in 96 well plate format to achieve maximal viral yields. OXGENE’s integrated automated platform (based on Hamilton and Hudson Robotics technologies) brings together automated plasmid construction, DNA preparation, transfections, and viral titration, enabling the rapid, reliable, and consistent generation of large arrayed lentiviral libraries.

Automating these processes results in cost and time savings and reduces incidences of pipette/operator error. We have carefully optimised this platform to identify the ideal conditions for lentiviral manufacture in this vessel format, leading to consistently good crude viral titres. Our innovative RTqPCR titration method is well suited for the parallel titration of thousands of samples and discriminates effectively between lentiviral RNA and residual plasmid DNA.

View our most recent high throughput lentiviral library construction poster.


Access our Transient Lentiviral Solutions

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Lentiviral packaging and producer cell lines

For scalable, robust and reproducible lentiviral  Read next vector production.