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TESSA™ Evaluation Kit Order

Try out TESSA™ Technology for yourself!

To enable you to evaluate the performance of our TESSA™ technology in your own labs, we will ship a small evaluation kit to you. These kits are available in Serotypes 1, 2, 5 & 6 and contain the materials and protocols to produce approximately 1L of GFP-expressing AAV. The price for this technology demonstration is £10,000 per kit.

Academic institutions and not-for-profits should email for pricing options.

Please note that online ordering is only available for customers in the UK/EU and USA.

Please note that your order is not accepted until we have issued an invoice.
Each pack contains sufficient TESSA vectors and vials of our proprietary cell line to produce approximately 1L of AAV-GFP. Production should be carried in accordance with the protocols provided with the materials and T&Cs of purchase.


For alternative serotypes, multiple orders, larger pack sizes or custom TESSA vector creation please contact us on