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Our proprietary cell and gene therapy manufacturing solutions help pioneering companies achieve high-titre, scalable and cost-effective viral vector production.

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SnapFast™ Plasmids

OXGENE’s SnapFast™ plasmids are versatile and efficient. These modular plasmids are designed to work like 'molecular Lego'. They use a catalogue of well characterised DNA elements that can be easily and reliably inserted into specific locations within the plasmid, so we can rapidly generate large numbers of custom constructs across a range of expression platforms.


XAAV™ Plasmids

Our XAAV™ packaging plasmid system includes a reconfigured Rep Cap plasmid, where Cap is under the control of a strong CMV promoter, while Rep is expressed at a lower level via an EMCV internal ribosome entry site. This results in a higher viral titre, better per cell rAAV productivity and improved full:empty vector ratio. We've also improved adenoviral helper functionality by simplifying the Ad5 helper plasmid, which does not contain any adenoviral hexon genes; an added benefit when it comes to regulatory approval.

XAAV™ packaging plasmids are now available license free at Research, clinical GMP and commercial GMP grade, and are manufactured using a regulatory-friendly, antibiotic free process all the way from initial clone selection through to bacterial banking and GMP manufacture, increasing product purity.

We work with our colleagues at WuXi Advanced Therapies to offer accelerated turn around times and expedited international delivery for both standard and custom plasmid orders at all grades, with local stocks of standard plasmids available soon for instant fulfilment. 

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Cell Line Development Services

OXGENE's team of cell line engineering experts design a strategy and use our optimised workflow and high throughput screening platform to maximise project success across multiple applications, including: 

  • stable transgene integration and expression

  • increased viral vector or biologic expression

  • controlled transgene expression or reduced cell toxicity

  • disease modelling

Clonal Suspension HEK293 Cell lines

Our clonal suspension HEK293 cell lines are validated for high-titre production of recombinant AAV (rAAV), lentiviral and adenoviral vectors. All cell lines, including engineered and media adapted derivatives, offer full traceability and grow in defined, animal component free media. Cell lines do not contain the SV40 large T antigen, which ensures regulatory compliance of derived products for in vivo applications.

Clonal Suspension HEK293TetR Cell Line

Our GMP compliant suspension HEK293TetR cell line is ideal for amplification of cytotoxic adenoviral vectors. We have demonstrated the functionality of this cell line through our partnership with Vaccitech, who are now using this cell line in clinical trials, and through partner CMOs. In all cases, this animal component and antibiotic free cell line outperformed commercial alternatives. It also demonstrated improved scalability and full stability in the absence of antibiotics and allows optimisation of adenoviral production even for transgenes that reduce cell viability.

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Transient AAV production platforms

For high-titre, high quality AAV vector production and process development services.