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Our industry leading technology platform provides flexible, high titre rAAV production. Reconfigured Rep-Cap and modified Ad5 helper plasmids and GMP banked clonal suspension HEK293 cell line improve AAV yield and quality.

"OXGENE's AAV system is superior to
off-the-shelf plasmid systems for AAV titres"

Andy Topping, Chief Scientific Officer at FUJIFILM Diosynth

Transient AAV Production

Our transient expression platform comprises optimised proprietary AAVEX™ plasmids and a GMP-banked clonal suspension HEK293 cell line. We have reconfigured the Rep and Cap genes to place Cap under the control of a strong CMV promoter, while Rep is expressed at a lower level via an EMCV internal ribosome entry site. This results in a higher viral titre, better per cell rAAV productivity and improved full:empty vector ratio. We've also improved adenoviral helper functionality by simplifying the Ad5 helper plasmid, which doesn't contain any adenoviral hexon genes; an added benefit when it comes to regulatory approval.

We offer expert cloning and engineering services to customise and optimise our AAVEX™ plasmids for expression of your gene of interest, before process development and manufacture of your rAAV vectors at any grade and scale.



From our experts to yours; we offer comprehensive
technical support so you can have complete
confidence in our technologies.


TESSA™: Scalable AAV Production

High-titre, high quality, plasmid-free AAV production.