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WuXi Advanced Therapies, a global contract testing and development manufacturing organisation (CTDMO), offers world class integrated GMP manufacturing and testing platforms to reduce the time to market, while maintaining high titres, high levels of quality assurance and full regulatory compliance.



WuXi Advanced Therapies manufactures OXGENE’s AAVEX™ and LentiVEX™ plasmids at research, GMP-like and GMP grade. Our world class manufacturing platform is antibiotic free from initial clone selection through to bacterial banking and GMP manufacture ensuring a regulatory friendly process.



WuXi Advanced Therapies’ carefully optimised, pre-validated and carefully quality controlled adherent and suspension lentiviral manufacturing platforms accelerate the delivery of consistently high titres of lentirviral vectors.



WuXi Advanced Therapies has over thirty years’ experience in analytical development, cell line and materials characterisation, viral clearance and commercial Lot Release testing.



WuXi Advanced Therapies’ carefully optimised, pre-validated and carefully quality controlled suspension AAV manufacturing platform accelerates the delivery of consistently high titres of high quality AAV.



WuXi Advanced Therapies’ fully integrated Closed Process CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing platform minimises the time to patient for these ground-breaking immunotherapeutics.

WuXi ATU’s vision is to significantly contribute to the growth of Advanced Therapies by accelerating and transforming development and manufacturing through our enabling platforms and technologies to the benefit of patients worldwide.

Edward Hu, Chairman and CEO, WuXi Advanced Therapies


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An Integrated Contract Testing Development and Manufacturing Organization (CTDMO)

As the advanced therapies business unit of WuXi AppTec, WuXi Advanced Therapies is a Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CTDMO) that offers integrated platforms to transform the discovery, development, testing, manufacturing, and commercialization of cell and gene therapies. WuXi ATU’s services and solutions accelerate time to market and support customer programs around the world.

WuXi ATU offers process development and GMP manufacturing and testing services for plasmids, lentiviral vectors, AAV vectors and CAR-T cell therapies and other advanced therapies.

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