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Quality Policy Statement

OXGENE is the innovation arm of WuXi Advanced Therapies, providing expert design and engineering services for viral vector optimisation and cell line development, seamlessly integrated with WuXi Advanced Therapies’ GMP manufacturing and testing platforms.

Our vision is one of cutting-edge science with purpose; it’s invention and innovation to advance and improve the development and delivery of cell and gene therapies.

Our mission is to get the benefits of our innovations to the patients who need them; to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of our innovations and to integrate them into manufacturing platforms that will provide large scale, global market access.

To achieve this, we follow a culture of excellence throughout OXGENE, seeking to continually improve and develop our customer offering and our techniques for delivering it.​ This is supported by our quality improvement programme, which in line with the international ISO 9001 standard, is based on setting objectives in key areas and managing programmes to help achieve our goals.​

Our objectives include:​

  • Achieving and surpassing customer expectations​;
  • Improving process effectiveness to become more efficient​;
  • Meeting customer needs for novel products and technologies;
  • Complying with all applicable industry and regulatory requirements.

OXGENE’s Senior Management is responsible for leading continuous improvement by providing the resources to help achieve this. However, everyone associated with OXGENE is expected to be part of the improvement process and to both support improvement initiatives and suggest areas for improvement.​

We monitor developments in our field to ensure we keep ahead of the curve, taking account of expectations of all interested parties. In this way we ensure that we continuously anticipate and meet all stakeholder needs.​

Through adopting our policy and culture of continuous improvement, OXGENE strives to be increasingly successful in the challenging and developing field of cell and gene therapy.​


Jocelyne Bath

Managing Director



July 2022