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20 February 2019 by Jon Rock

Development in CRISPR technology moves rapidly, your library should too.

As developments in CRISPR technology gather pace many commercial providers rely on historical libraries created using dated design parameters. This may limit the library to particular existing applications but what if you could invest in a custom library that has few limits in terms of its flexibility and agility?

At Oxford Genetics our CRISPR offering is built on the three pillars of bioinformatic led design, automated production and versatile cloning vectors. This means we can produce a custom CRISPR Guide library optimised for your application.

Not only that but our vector system allows rapid production of vector variants so if you no longer require a particular selection marker, promoter or other genetic element we can remove it or switch it.


We can provide our expertise in the design of arrayed or pooled libraries and historically have handled library projects with 10e7 permutations. Libraries can be supplied as plasmid DNA or packaged in Lentiviral or Retroviral vectors.

Guide RNAs are designed in collaboration with Desktop Genetics and the use of our own flexible in house SnapFast vector system means we can produce the right vector for you with many choices of selective markers, promoter combinations or supplementary genetic sequences.

In fact we have 60 Cas9 vectors available through our website so you can fully tailor your library design.