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12 April 2022 by OXGENE

Webinar: The Importance of Meeting Testing Requirements

Taking Advanced Therapies From Bench to Clinic: The Importance of Meeting Testing Requirements


About this event

Cell and gene therapies have complex – and evolving – testing requirements that must be met to bring these exciting new treatments from bench to clinic, where they can benefit the patients who need them. Testing for cell and gene therapies poses scientific challenges in relation to the inherent variability of the starting material, the small volumes available for testing and rapid turn-around times required for autologous cell therapy testing in particular. But on top of these scientific challenges, the regulatory requirements are evolving too.

Working with an organization with a reputable testing service and expert regulatory support, such as WuXi Advanced Therapies, can help innovators navigate the challenging testing and regulatory landscape as smoothly as possible.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

• The evolving testing environment for cell and gene therapies

• The testing services provided by WuXi Advanced Therapies

• How WuXi Advanced Therapies helps our customers to smoothly navigate their testing journey from development to submission



Heather Malicki

Executive Director, Analytical Development and Testing Technologies

WuXi Advanced Therapies


Mike Stump

Executive Director, Testing Operations

WuXi Advanced Therapies


Jennifer Cheung

Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

WuXi Advanced Therapies


This webinar is hosted by Pharma Intelligence and you can sign up here: