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21 April 2022 by OXGENE

Webinar: Developing a Platform for Large-Scale Lentiviral Manufacture

Due to their capability for long-term transgene expression, large packaging capacity and ability to transduce postmitotic and quiescent cells, lentiviral vectors have become increasingly popular gene delivery tools for cell and gene therapies in recent years. However, capacity for lentiviral vector manufacture is a major industry bottleneck.

WuXi Advanced Therapies has developed a lentiviral suspension manufacturing platform using OXGENE's XLenti™ packaging plasmids. Benefits of the XLenti™ suspension platform include:

  • A high producing single clonal cell line.
  • Chemically defined culture media.
  • High producing plasmids, optimized for increased translation efficiency and maximized expression of each cassette.
  • Simplified and efficient seed train.
  • Excellent scalability.
  • Robust upstream and downstream processes.
  • High viral titer.

This webinar will cover:

  • Performance data for WuXi Advanced Therapies’ XLenti™ suspension platform.
  • Solutions for large-scale manufacture of lentiviral vectors.
  • How to access OXGENE’s optimized XLenti™ packaging plasmids at research, clinical or commercial GMP grades.




Yiyu Dong, PhD

Associate Director of Viral Vector Process Technology Development (VVPTD),

WuXi Advanced Therapies


Yiyu Dong has more than 16 years of experience with cell line and bioprocess development. At WuXi Advanced Therapies, he specializes in leading and developing high-producing clonal cell lines and robust and scalable AAV and lentiviral suspension platforms. His main goal is to develop robust and cost-effective viral vector production processes for clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Prior to WuXi Advanced Therapies, Yiyu Dong held positions in industry and academia with a focus on discovering and developing novel platforms and targets for treating human diseases. He performed translational medicine research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and published 29 peer-reviewed papers. Yiyu Dong holds a PhD from a joint program between Peking University and Yale University.

This webinar is hosted by BioProcess International and you can sign up here: