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10 September 2019

OXGENE brand launch

Oxford Genetics launches OXGENE™ brand

10 September, 2019 - Oxford. Oxford Genetics Ltd announces the launch of its brand OXGENE™. The new brand articulates the company’s powerful ability to combine highly innovative science with an engineering approach to custom solutions for biotechnology. It celebrates the company’s evolution from a product based business model to providing high-quality, custom precision engineering services with downstream licensing, and reflects both the company’s expanded scientific offering and its ambition for the future.

OXGENE™ has leading expertise in gene therapy, gene editing and antibody discovery. Its expert teams excel in mammalian cell engineering solutions, coupled with bioinformatics and automation to build robust and efficient biotechnology solutions. The company’s commercial traction to date has involved large-scale, high-throughput gene editing programs and cutting-edge cell line development projects for gene therapy with significant downstream licensing deals.

Dr Ryan Cawood, CEO at OXGENE™, said of the new brand ‘Since founding this business in 2011, I have constantly strived to build a dynamic and innovative organisation that drives progress and encourages constant improvement. This new brand is an exciting representation of all that is great about the team here at OXGENE™’.

The new brand aims to emphasise the company’s unique approach to problem solving and the sheer breadth of expertise within the business. COO, Jocelyne Bath and her team lead the rebrand, and said ‘Joining the company quite recently gave me the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at what differentiates us today, where we are going and to consider how well that is reflected in the way we communicate. The OXGENE™ brand suits the way we marry innovative, experimental science with a precision engineering approach to deliver best in class solutions’.

Ryan founded Oxford Genetics in 2011 with non-executive director Professor Len Seymour, based on their innovative, patented SnapFast™ technology. The simplicity and versatility of this platform makes genetic engineering more efficient and allows systematic and simple transfer of Lego-like DNA building blocks across a range of expression platforms. Over the last eight years, the company has evolved a great deal to provide technically challenging solutions to unmet biotherapy market needs through a combination of novel genetic design and streamlined automation and operations.


OXGENE™ finds solutions to seemingly impossible problems. We develop new technologies in mammalian cell engineering along the whole spectrum from discovery science to engineering at scale. Our unique combination of precision engineering and breakthrough science with advanced robotics and bioinformatics accelerates the rational design, manufacture and processing of complex biologics.

We work at the very edge of impossible to solve the problem of scalable virus manufacture for gene therapy treatments. We do this with high titre, suspension, transient viral manufacturing systems, AAV and lentiviral packaging and producer cell lines. We address the challenge of speed and consistency in gene editing with our high-throughput automated CRISPR platforms, and we deliver the breakthrough needed to discover antibodies to membrane proteins through novel mammalian display techniques.

OXGENE™ accelerates therapy discovery and production, while improving accessibility to manufacturers and patients.