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14 May 2018

Oxford Genetics Announces New Online Customer Portal for Custom Research Services

Oxford Genetics, a leader in innovative synthetic biology-based technologies for biologics discovery, development and delivery, today announced the launch of a new online customer portal designed to enable customers to better monitor project progress and track communications.

This new portal provides customers with real-time updates through 24/7 access to the status of the projects they have underway with Oxford Genetics. The system collates project information from several sources, including bespoke Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Laboratory Information Management (LIM) systems, to produce live Gannt charts.

It also gives immediate access to all supporting documentation, such as order history, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) reports, and project progress reports

Ryan Cawood, CEO of Oxford Genetics said, “The primary reason for developing the tool was that by automating data collection and dissemination a lot of the traditional bottlenecks of managing projects by manual methods can be eliminated.

"The launch of this portal shows our commitment to providing a more valuable and simplified online environment for our customers. We are focused on delivering both innovative technologies and exceptional service, and the deployment of this online portal helps us enhance the overall experience our customers have with us.

By providing customers with visibility of their projects, they can now choose how and when to interact with our team, streamlining their user experience and allowing Oxford Genetics to be more flexible and personally responsive to each customer.

“Added to this, the growth trajectory of Oxford Genetics fed the need to improve efficiencies and streamline operations to allow the company to continue providing a high quality-service to its customers.

By implementing this tool across our customer projects, we can use resources more effectively and benefit from a scalable architecture that can support hundreds of concurrent projects.”

The portal has taken around 12 months to build and was extensively tested with key customers to ensure it met the needs of all users.

Adam Marsden, Head of Informatics, Oxford Genetics said, “This new feature puts the power into the hands of our customers. No competitors in our industry have the level of laboratory automation, IT resources and back-end infrastructure to support an online portal like this."

The new customer portal is the latest solution developed by Oxford Genetics to support its customers’ biologic discovery, development and delivery projects.