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08 September 2014

Oxford Genetics Partners with Sigma-Aldrich on Plasmid Distribution

We are pleased to announce the signing of a global distribution agreement of our SnapFast DNA plasmid products with life sciences leader Sigma-Aldrich.

This exciting new partnership enables Oxford Genetics customers to access the extensive global distribution network of Sigma-Aldrich, allowing researchers to rapidly develop and assemble DNA plasmids using our wide range of DNA components.

This partnership brings together the protein expression, DNA assembly and complex plasmid construction capabilities of Oxford Genetics with the renowned excellence of Sigma Aldrich in the provision of chemicals and high-technology life sciences products.

Following four years of development, DNA sequence optimisation and modification, we are pleased to confirm that all plasmid products sold by Oxford Genetics will be available through the Sigma-Aldrich catalogue. The key benefit of our system include:

  1. Intellectual property free plasmids and DNA sequences.
  2. Over 2000 plasmids based on the exact same plasmid backbone (SnapFast concept).
  3. Compatible with all major cloning platforms (restriction site cloning, Gibson, LIC, SLIC, InFusion) because every plasmid is homologous.

At Oxford Genetics we are excited about the opportunity this partnership affords and will be working closely with Sigma-Aldrich to identify new DNA components and plasmid opportunities that are of value to our customers in the key areas of protein expression, DNA assembly and Synthetic Biology.

"We are really pleased to be integrating our portfolio into the Sigma product offering, and we hope that this partnership will help researchers build DNA quicker, cheaper and more efficiently”. Dr Ryan Cawood, CEO.