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25 September 2019

Abcam agreement

OXGENE™ announces long-term supply agreement with Abcam for CRISPR based Gene-Editing Services

24 September, 2019 - Oxford. OXGENE™ (formally known as Oxford Genetics) announces the extension of a successful relationship with Abcam. OXGENE™ is using its expertise in CRISPR gene-editing to produce hundreds of custom engineered cell lines for antibody validation. In addition, Abcam will offer these cell lines as an expansion of its portfolio of off-the-shelf knockout cell lines matched with antibodies.

OXGENE’s high throughput gene editing platform integrates bioinformatics and automation for fast, efficient gene editing using CRISPR technology. The extended agreement with Abcam means OXGENE will deliver at least 1,000 engineered cell lines over the next three years to support Abcam in its delivery of the highly validated biological binders and assays it’s famous for.

OXGENE’s highly optimised and quality-assured CRISPR-Cas9 workflow delivers a robust and effective solution to meet the ever-increasing demand for custom cell line manufacture. Its platform automation eliminates human error and improves reproducibility, while the rapid generation of custom cell lines brings scale and quality to gene editing projects.

About the Agreement, Jocelyne Bath, COO at OXGENE™, said "This is excellent recognition of the capability we have built here at OXGENE. We believe our highly skilled team and our facility are second to none. We’re proud of the excellent KO validation rates they report and we’re delighted to work with Abcam to provide a wide range of edited cell lines with reliable specificity."

Cheri Walker, SVP of Corporate Development at Abcam, said "We have enjoyed great service from OXGENE and this expanded agreement complements our recent acquisition of the largest portfolio of diploid knock-out cells.We are excited about working with OXGENE to further realise our commitment to provide the best quality antibodies in the market using knockout validation, in addition to expanding our edited cell line product portfolio."

A word from Ryan Cawood, CEO at OXGENE™. "I’m particularly proud of our CRISPR based Gene Editing platform. We have proven our ability to take complex processes and deliver innovative and effective solutions. Technology-enabled scientific innovation is at the heart of what we do at OXGENE and it is a great achievement to have Abcam endorse what we have built up here."


OXGENE™ finds solutions to seemingly impossible problems. We develop new technologies in mammalian cell engineering along the whole spectrum from discovery science to engineering at scale. Our unique combination of precision engineering and breakthrough science with advanced robotics and bioinformatics accelerates the rational design, manufacture and processing of complex biologics.

We work at the very edge of impossible to solve the problem of scalable virus manufacture for gene therapy treatments. We do this with high titre, suspension, transient viral manufacturing systems, AAV and lentiviral packaging and producer cell lines. We address the challenge of speed and consistency in gene editing with our high-throughput automated CRISPR platforms, and we deliver the breakthrough needed to discover antibodies to membrane proteins through novel mammalian display techniques.

OXGENE™ accelerates therapy discovery and production, while improving accessibility to manufacturers and patients.