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22 February 2022

OXGENE - TESSA™ Technology

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Tetracycline-Enabled Self-Silencing Adenoviral vectors are modified adenoviral vectors, engineered to provide wildtype levels of adenoviral help for AAV production, with minimal contamination of the AAV preparation.

SCALABLE: Adenoviral processes can be run at 2000L scale and require no transfection reagents. Cells are uniformly infected and there’s no dependency on cell density.

PLASMID FREE: TESSA™ technology is plasmid and transfection free, eliminating dependency on one of the industry’s most rate limiting steps for AAV production.

IMPROVED AAV YIELD AND QUALITY: TESSA™ technology produces significantly higher yields of better packaged and more infectious rAAV than plasmid-based manufacture across serotypes.

Resource updated on 23/06/2022

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