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21 September 2022

Navigating the Landscape of Gene Therapy Manufacture and Testing

Dr Katie Roberts

Editorial /European Biopharmaceutical Review /21 September 2022

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As gene therapies continue to offer huge hope for patients of hard-to-treat diseases, the challenges that they pose, from therapy design to manufacture and testing, demand clear and effective solutions.

Gene therapies have the potential to provide a cure for hard-to-treat diseases by correcting genetic errors, and could therefore represent a major advancement in healthcare. However, the process of developing a novel gene therapy is complex, from early discovery through to regulatory approval, and must be carefully navigated, writes Dr Katie Roberts. 

Dr Katie Roberts is Content Manager at OXGENE, a WuXi Advanced Therapies company. She has been writing about science and communicating science, first as a Medical Writer and then within biotech marketing, for most of the last five years. Before this, she completed her PhD in cellular signalling at the University of Manchester, UK, helping to decode oscillatory cell signalling patterns using molecular biology, live-cell confocal microscopy, and mathematical modelling.

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