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05 May 2021

Antibody therapeutics: the other race for immunity against SARS-CoV2

Sophie Lutter

Editorial/Drug Discovery World/05 May 2021/Issue Vol. 22, Issue 2

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Sophie Lutter, OXGENE, looks at the important role antibody therapeutics have to play and how, as the world has looked for Covid-19 treatments in the last year, their significance has been noted.

As the world continues to adjust and respond to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the race to develop a vaccine against the disease has become a race to manufacture and administer recently approved inoculations, and to ensure that these remain effective against newly emerging strains of the virus. But while most of the conversation revolves around preventing (at least) severe disease, hospitalisation and death, another race – that to develop treatments for those who continue to get seriously unwell after catching the virus – is still in progress. In this race, the immune response is again a lead runner, this time in the form of antibody therapeutics.

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