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04 May 2021

High-Throughput Lentiviral Library Construction

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Automation-Assisted Workflow for High-Throughput Lentiviral Library Construction

In-silico tools enabling CRISPR guide selection against hundreds of genes, coupled with an integrated high-throughput automation platform for lentivirus manufacture offers the potential for the rapid generation of large arrayed lentiviral libraries. At OXGENE, we have employed a bioinformatics-driven approach to CRISPR guide selection and have rigorously optimised processes for lentiviral manufacture in 96-well plate format to achieve maximal viral yields. OXGENE’s integrated automated platform (based on Hamilton and Hudson Robotics technologies) brings together automated plasmid construction, DNA preparation, transfections, and viral titration, enabling the rapid, reliable, and consistent generation of large arrayed lentiviral libraries.

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